Carol Moldaw

Beauty Refracted book cover

“Earthy in diction, elegant in syntax, Beauty Refracted is a rich, surprising and moving read.”
— Dana Levin

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Carol Moldaw is an award-winning American poet and the author, most recently, of Beauty Refracted (Four Way Books). The recipient of a NEA Creative Writing Fellowship, a Pushcart Prize, and a Lannan Foundation Residency Fellowship, she is the author of five other books of poetry. With poems that have been called iridescent, metaphysical and timeless, Moldaw skillfully balances intimacy and objectivity in exact, lyric language.

“Several different forms of maturity — emotional, artistic, religious — come together in Moldaw’s poems, which repeatedly achieve lyric junctures of shivering beauty. Her vision is like that of a seasoned naturalist observing the play of life’s impulses over the crust of the earth.”
— The New Yorker

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